So what is this Blog about?

1. Technology from a non-geek (a.k.a. marketing) point of view
(And as I happen to be working in a Cloud company, the bulk of my technology writing will be Cloud Computing)

Cloud computing is a hype – no secrets about that. As a marketing professional, I know a hype when I see one. But I also know that quite a few hypes have changed the way we live and work. Just think about the internet, the iPhone, etc. So will cloud computing. Of course, several companies in the IT industry – ranging from top 5 players to fledgling start-ups – use and abuse the phrase “Cloud Computing” to get a piece of the pie, but for some of us, it is an essential element in our strategy. In this blog I will keep you updated on the Q-layer technology and how it fits in the most recent market trends, and I plan to share my insights on new trends and products out there as well.

2. CloudCamp!

As the Product Marketing Manager at Q-layer, an early innovator in cloud computing, I am heavily involved in cloud evangelization. That means I’ll be spending quite some time on something called CloudCamp.

CloudCamps, started by David Nielsen and Reuven Cohen in the US, are unconventional gatherings of cloud computing enthusiasts and IT professionals that are looking for answers regarding this topic. As one of the first companies to offer a solution that enables data center managers to turn their infrastructure into a Cloud, we thought it was our duty to help bringing these CloudCamps to Europe. Together with some other cloud enthusiasts, we organized the first European CloudCamp in Brussels in October and more events have already been scheduled. I’ll keep you updated on these events as soon as we can share more details.

3. Marketing

Everyone can do marketing – or at least that is what they think. I’ve been involved in marketing for almost 10 years now and the least I can say is that it has been interesting. Although the underlying philosophy remains the same (4P’s, SWOTs, FBC’s, a good mix etc.), a decent amount of flexibility is required to adapt to the remaining parameters: startup vs. enterprise, SW vs. HW, type of industry, budgets, target markets etc. Now and then I’ll share some of my experience on this.

4. Everyday life

I’ll try to keep the junk part for my Facebook pages (that’s what Facebook is all about, isn’t it?). But well, do expect some more elaborate pieces on … anything as well.


Tom is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Q-layer, an early innovator in Cloud Computing.  He is in charge of marketing for Nephos, Q-layer’s Cloud Computing Platform, and analysis of new market trends in the Cloud Computing space. As part of his evangelization tasks, Tom is part of the team of volunteers who  helped bringing the successful CloudCamp from he US to Europe. CloudCamp is an unconventional gathering of cloud computing enthusiasts and IT professionals that are looking for answers regarding this topic.
Tom has over 10 years of experience in software companies (startups and enterprises). He has a proven record of bringing management experience to entrepreneurial environments and vice versa.
Tom started his career as a professional services manager at Anubex, a software and services company specialized in migrating legacy applications to Oracle environments. In 2003, Tom joined DataCenter Technologies (DCT), a deduplication pioneer, where he was global marketing manager. After selling DCT to Veritas/Symantec, Tom joined Esko, the world leader in software for the packaging and printing industry, where he was responsible for marketing in the EMEA+LA. Tom holds a Master degree Translator (Mercator), a Bachelor degree Marketing (Hogeschool Gent) and an International MBA (Ehsal).


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