Cloudcamp in my hometown

It’s been 2 years since I organized the first Cloudcamp in Europe mainland. A lot has happened around me since. Most of that I can’t disclose (yet) but: A lot seems to have happened in the Cloud space in general as well. While I had to bring folks from the US, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany and all over Belgium to fill a boat with 100 people, this bunch of students managed to fill a room of 120 or so with Ghent locals. Congrats to those guys! Cloud has become a commodity. The format … let’s not go into that, I failed to offer them help when I could have and I’ve posted enough on Twitter … let’s focus on the attendance and the great conversations. It seems we’ve moved from “What is Cloud Computing” to How do we move from Public to Private Clouds” and “How can we best build hybrid Clouds”. Great! Storage and security were two big things (I think I’ve stated that before – two areas with a big need for innovation). Power usage is a big thing too … powering off physical machines for example. I heard some nice stories about this… In respect to storage, it was surprising to hear that availability and scalability are hardly an issue. I/O’s is all that counts. a lot of this has to do with the size of European public clouds, I assume. We were talking “ten terrabytes” here, “twenty terrabytes” there. Nothing Drobo couldn’t handle. Overall, I was surprised with the subjects of conversations and the level of innovation. Some further remarks: Nucleus, once a promising prospect, demonstrated how important it was for hosters to move to the cloud early. It seems they have done well and are doing well. Cluttr, a promising venture by smartass students – to be watched. If only they had created a website already. Nomadesk is a venture to be proud of: a local alternative to Dropbox, without the Dropbox pitfalls. Hey Rackspace, want to buy this? Inuits were the usual suspect 🙂 Good job, Kris As a “disruptive technologies” innovator, things can be tough: presentations for 5 people instead of the hoped for 50, “the deer in the headlight” looks from trade show visitors, concerned looks from analysts, “smiling faces” that are looking for the closest exit from this conversation … It looks like these days are over for cloud computing, “Cloud computing is the internet” might be a bit too simple a definition, but it is the definition my neighbors will understand. It’s not over though … things keep evolving. And according to the nice Gartner graph IBBT presented us, there is a lot of momentum coming up for private clouds. Well, that kind of confirms the old Sun Cloud strategy doesn’t it? How ironic!


~ by tomleyden on October 20, 2010.

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