How telesales people’s arrogance can turn against them.

It has happened a few times now that I catch a call where the voice on the other end of the line quite arrogantly asks for the CEO (often by his first name). When asking who they are and why they want to talk to the CEO, they refuse to give any information, making it all too obvious that they are very low-end sales puppies selling advertising or something else no one really wants.

Nothing new, nothing interesting. So what’s wrong with this? They just try to get to the ultimate decision maker. Fine. Just one thing: the person they try to pass in this very arrogant way might be exactly the decision maker for this kind of purchases. The CEO often doesn’t want to spend any of his time on things like that. A CEO does like to be involved in business critical purchases, but not in things like advertising.

The result? A CEO who feels his time was wasted because the person who passed the call didn’t do his job. The person who passed the call – say the marketing manager – feels bad about (1) being passed and (2) the CEO not being happy. For the sales puppy the result is that he or she can forget about selling to the company ever again.


~ by tomleyden on September 24, 2010.

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