Entrepreneurs – Clouds – Recession

Still promising times for ventures

I had expected the Cloud hype to start slowing down for a while now. I have always strongly believed in the paradigm shift that came with Cloud Computing (self provisioning, pay per use, hardware abstraction etc.) but the popularity was just too much. Recipe for a hype? Take a big bowl of economic recession, add a spoonful of promising technology, some VC’s who have lost it and let it boil slowly. Serve warm with some new social media and some early critics.

Nothing indicates, however, that “Cloud” is slowing down. While we all know that getting VC money is even harder today than what Guy Kawasaki said 5 years back (it is smaller than the chance of getting struck by lightning “while standing at the bottom of your swimming pool on  a bright sunny day”), we see plenty of new startup companies entering the market. True, starting a business is a far better alternative than unemployment, but still, many of the new ventures are the result of market and technology drivers.

One example is Amplidata, a venture by some friends from a previous adventure. The Amplidata offering is an answer to industry trends like the growing need for disk based storage, the success of SSD, RAID not keeping up with availability and efficiency requirements. The core technology, BitSpread, is what would be called “distributed storage”: it uses an online Codec to divide data blocks in smaller blocks and check blocks and to distribute those blocks over the entire infrastructure. The Codec requires only a selection of the blocks to reconstruct the original data file, so the failure of a disk does not affect reliability or availability. Very Unlike RAID, where the infrastructure gets to be under even more pressure while recovering from a failed disk.

The guys at Amplidata are careful using the “C” word, but if you take a closer look at it, it is the perfect on premise storage cloud solution. Amplidata is extremely reliable (“unbreakable storage”), up to ten times more efficient than current solutions and with plenty of features for cloud-like deployments: scalability, thin provisioning, snapshots and cloning, … I could see SAAS providers who started off on S3 decide to host their apps on their own infrastructure to cut costs.

Following 18 months of bootstrapping, the company now raised a first round of funding. Sole investor is Big Bang Ventures, who were previously successful with Q-layer, the first IAAS platform provider, way ahead of anyone out there right now. Expect these guys to make some noise over the months to come!

More info on the company: www.amplidata.com

Info on the funding: http://bit.ly/cwwm1Y


~ by tomleyden on May 26, 2010.

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