A good cloud week

It’s been a hectic week last week. All this to learn that Sun is doing the right thing and the market is waiting for both the Sun Public Cloud and (in a next phase) Sun’s software and services to build clouds – public and private.

The week started with an ACDC concert in Germany on Sunday. But that’s probably irrelevant information. Starting the week tired with a brutally early morning flight to Prague does affect one’s mood though and when I arrived in the Hilton Ballroom where Cloud-Expo Europe (the original) took place, I couldn’t hide my initial disappointment: no internet available yet (how do you access the cloud?), an allegedly changed agenda and more vendors and industry specialist than buyers.

However, as problems got solved, the program moved on and conversations started to take place on the exhibition floor, the event become more and more interesting. Top moment of the day (Day One) was Subra Kumaraswami from Sun (of course 😉 ) who did a presentation on security & cloud computing. Based on the number of questions after the presentation, it was a straight hit. Very promising for imminent publications from this business unit.

This blogger found Subra’s preso  interesting too: “There were a lot of talks focused on Security, which is going to be key in moving to the cloud. The building blocks are all out there in the cloud though, encryption, certificates, keys, firewalls etc., what is missing as the security expert from Sun pointed out, is some sort of federation so that you can don’t hand all your keys over to your cloud provider.”

Day two was d-day for me personally: a duo presentation with Arseniy Kuznetsov, director of engineering at Sun and a live demo. As al efforts at Sun are focussed on JavaOne these days, it was hard to get our hands on a decent demo environement so our stress level was a bit higher than usual. The demo was a hit though. While a Q&A can be quite embarrassing if no one has any questions, this one was a marathon. We went on for a great part of the lunch break just to learn that there expectations for Sun’s VDC and the Cloud and it’s API’s. We were happy to hear from the Sys-Con organization that our intervention caused by far most enthusiasm and we were even more happy to hear our vision confirmed during the afternoon “specialists” panel: quite a few of the currently available solutions scored bad on openness, security and user-friendliness, and most of what is left to be desired today will become available in the near future.

For the second part of the week I needed to move to Barcelona and sacrifice my bank holiday of Thursday. Don’t ask me what the occasion of the bank holiday was, but it seems to be the only holiday that bank-holiday champion Spain does not celebrate. Bummer. The opportunity to attend Sime Barcelona though, meet an awful lot of entrepreneurs and sit in a cloud computing panel attended by 200+ entrepreneurs were convincing arguments.

Sime (and the locally organized startup events that ran in the same building at the same time) was well attended. Given the severeness with which the crisis hit Spain, this shouldn’t be a surprise. What did surprise me though, was that the ventures panel was not all that positive about cloud computing. Did someone lose too much money on cloud already or are VC aware of how cloud computing gives entrepreneurs more freedom, especially in the earliest stages? The entrepreneurs at the event did show large interest in cloud computing and I heard some interesting, innovative ideas about which I hope to be able to write soon.

Next week is CommunityOne and JavaOne in the Moscone in SFO. I’m looking forward to hearing the big announcements that will be made.


~ by tomleyden on May 25, 2009.

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