CloudCamp WHD

Boy, I’m swamped!

Maybe I underestimated the workload of my new position combined with the CloudCamp activities. Casualty number one seems to be the blog. I’ll have to make up for that.

Anyway, CloudCamp WHD looks promising: with 13 (lucky number) companies contributing with content and a sold out WHD (or as good as) this can only be a success. Here is the final program:

10.00 am  Welcome
10.05 am  Keynote (Kristof De Spiegeleer, Cloud Visionary and Director Cloud Architecture – Sun Microsystems)

10.45 am  Coffee Break

11.30 am  Panel (Tony Lucas, Robert Rosier, Matt Rechenburg, Jari Koister, Michael Crandell )
12.30 am Lightning Talks (Itricity, Flexiscale, OpenQRM, Aicache, Amazon)

1.00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm    Hosting in the Cloud (Unconference moderated by Arvid Fossen & Duncan Malcolm)
2:25 pm    Public vs. Private Clouds (Unconference moderated by Tom Leyden)
2:50 pm    Metering in the Cloud (Unconference moderated by William Louth)
3:15 pm    Cloud Computing and Open Source ( Unconference moderated by Matt Rechenburg)

3:40 pm    Use case “Build Your Own Cloud” + Terremark Cloud live demo (Kurt Glazemakers)

4.00 pm    Coffee Break

4.45 pm   Lightning Talks (Rightscale, CloudAngels, Jinspired, Groupswim)
5.15 pm    Complex application hosting in the cloud made simple (Unconference moderated by Max Robbins)
5.45 pm    Closing presentation (Martin Buhr – Amazon)

6.30 pm       ConneXion Party

We will also twitter the event live and post Animoto movies as we proceed!

And now off to CloudCamp London 3!


~ by tomleyden on March 12, 2009.

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