CloudCamp Barcelona was a success

In spite of the very short lead time, CloudCamp Barcelona was a success.

Here is the report of Maria Alegre, main organizer of the event:

We had the first Barcelona CloudCamp yesterday and it was a very interesting session and a good start in creating an unconventional Cloud Computing community in Spain. .

As you know, the event was after a Cloud Computing workshop organized by SeedRocket and Abiquo. The assistants were invited to stay for the CloudCamp and join the campers that had come only for the unconferece.

The CloudCamp attracted a diverse group of people interested in Cloud Computing. There was people with business backgrounds and Computer Science university students that had just heard about the concept and wanted to learn more, there were startup entrepreneurs that were defining their IT structure so they needed a good solution now, and there were also other entrepreneurs that had been working with AWS during 9 months and shared their experience, the pros and cons, the needs they had and Amazon didn’t fulfill and their vision about Amazons competitors.

After the introductions, Simone Brunozzi gave a great 5 minutes Lightning Talk. He explained how Amazon decided to enter in the Cloud Computing industry and what they offered right now. Something that might seem obvious in Silicon Valley but that people are starting to discover here. Thanks Simone, the logistics of sound and image where last minute but finally everything worked out, the audience could hear and understand you and they gave us positive feedback about your talk.

Then, the people in the room who had something to share just stood up and shared it. We created interesting discussions about security, Hadoop and about conventional outsourcing vs. cloud and private and public clouds.

The last part of the event was even more unconferenced, creating small informal groups while having dinner. People staid until 10pm engaged in more technical discussions.

I think someone took pictures of the event, I will send them to you when I get them.

Thanks everyone for your help in organizing this first CloudCamp. It has been a familiar event with arround 20 participants but an interesting community is being created and we have great espectations fo the future :D. We are already thinking about the next CloudCamp that we have finally decided to orgagnize in Madrid. We will keep you infomed about our advances.

I’m already looking forward to the next Spanish CloudCamp in January!


~ by tomleyden on December 19, 2008.

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