CloudCamp Barcelona


People seem not to be getting enough from the CloudCamps! Maria from Abiquo contacted us to help her organize a mini CloudCamp in Barcelona. What a horrible SHAME this is too late a notice to fly in! But, well, what the heck, it’s “only” Barcelona: tapas and wine and stuff …

CloudCamp Barcelona will be at Barcelona Activa, a local incubation center, in Calle Llacuna 162-164 – Barcelona. It follows a Cloud workshop that is hosted by Sun and Abiquo. During this workshop, Diego Marino, CEO and co-founder of Abiquo, and Felipe Herrera, Sun Sales Engineer, will cover a series of Cloud-related topics such as Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Infrastructures, the Main Cloud Players on the Market, and a couple of use cases. For a full programme, click here.

For this CloudCamp mini, the organizers – a team of startup enthusiasts – are focussing on the lightning talks formula and a small unconference. Pending confirmation, Vesne will share their experience with AWS and Pedro Navarro, security expert with Abiquo, will cover Security in Cloud Computing.

As Cloud Computing is still in its very early stages in Spain, the rest of the unconference topics will cover basic topics such as “What is Cloud Computing”, “What can Cloud Computing do for enterprises” etc. For a full schedule of the event, go there. Oh, and for those who can make it to the event: do stay for the Networking Cocktail at 21.00 as there will be drinks and food!


~ by tomleyden on December 15, 2008.

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