CloudCamp Conquers Europe and UK

In October and November we had the first European CloudCamp in Brussels and the Second UK event in London. Both events were major success, but what did we learn? That this is just the beginning! Cloud Computing gets to be more exciting every day!

In a previous job, I would have been happy with 75 people showing up on a seminar in the UK or as few as 30 in Brussels. I was part of a big company back then with lots and lots of loyal users. And we would treat them with all possible luxury! CloudCamp Brussels had 101 Registered attendees and the London event 250!

Sponsors and speakers on both events were a mix of established names (SUN,, Amazon, Microsoft.) and young, promising innovators (CohesiveFT, Flexiscale, Q-layer, Zimory etc.). This indicates that Cloud Computing is clearly in a rapid growth phase: promising enough for large industry players to invest, and more innovations to be expected as more young companies enter the market.

So how were the events? As a co-organiser of the Brussels event, I’ll do my best to be objective! Both events ran out of time: in London, the breakout sessions started when they should have finished; in Brussels, the unconference happened more informally during the networking rather than as a separate thing. It’s a hard choice between starting more early and possibly miss part of the audience, or do it later as we did, and run out of time.

Best part of the event in Brussel was the Visionary Panel (Itricity, Q-layer, Flexiscale, and Microsoft), where you could feel that Cloud Computing really “lives”. The panel totally messed up the agenda, but hey, what do you do if close to 100 people are firing dozens of questions to a panel moderated by Tarry Singh?

In London, I learned most ou of the breakout session I attended: Phil Wainewright interviewing Nigel Watling on MS Azure. A lot of response came out of the audience and it was clear that Microsoft still has a lot (and I mean “A Lot”) of work to do. Not that I agree, but I remembered two things: MS believe there should only be a few big Clouds (small companies cannot build a cloud) and most work that remains to be done is for the lawyers (SLA’s you know).

Feedback on both events was not good – it was “great“! dozens of people have contact us to hear about future events. And of course there will be future events. Calendars are being aligned, but as I write, we will probably go for Amsterdam, Brussels (unconference only) Cannes (guess when), Köln and Berlin in Q1. we are expecting to see many familiar faces but as the news spreads, many new faces too!

More News will be posted here and there.

Oh and one more: the beer in Brussels was this.


~ by tomleyden on November 26, 2008.

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